FUTURERITUAL is a research and performance project considering the use, place and function of ritual in contemporary queer and performance cultures, and the relationship of these cultures and practices to futurity.

F U T U R E R I T U A L positions ritual as a technology of speculative transformation, and queer ritual action is understood as a method for divination and augury - as a way of mapping, visioning, fabulating or otherwise embodying future potentialities. A future ritual might function by gesturing towards or manifesting or otherwise calling forth these alternate states, these other ways of being.

The project is a lab for performative research by lead artist Joseph Morgan Schofield and other invited artists.

]performance s p a c e[

VSSL collaborates with ]performance s p a c e[, operating as a London-based venue partner and platform.

In August 2021 we will host PSX: a decade of performance art in the UK - an archival photography exhibition of epochal performance art documentation.

Currently based in Folkestone's Creative Quarter (Kent), ]ps[ cultivates time-based work that critically and physically pushes the boundaries of body, time and space.

]ps[  strives to act as a hub to national and international artists - developing the performance art network, while acting as a place of research, development and education - outside of mainstream institutions.

We are commit­ted to supporting challenging and difficult work that embraces performance art as an ever-evolving medium.

]performance s p a c e ['s mission is to facilitate the prime conditions for the production of performance art in the UK (and beyond), while expanding an understanding of the medium through education.  

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