C0041: Time’s Up

C0041: Time’s Up - Luca Bosani - 2023. Image curtesy of the artist. 

C0041: Time’s Up - Luca Bosani - 2023. Image curtesy of the artist.

17th March, 6-9pm
Performance activation with:
Gianna T and Dino Desica

18-24th March 12-5pm

24th March, 6-9pm
7pm (sharp): Intervention from Luca Bosani
with CJ Calderwood

On the 25th of March from 11-5pm - Bosani will run a workshop on persona-personality. The workshop will include an artist’s lecture, group discussions and an afternoon of collective performance experimentation. Limited availability, daily expenses paid (£15). Places are limited. 

Since October 2020 Luca Bosani has worked as a private investigator and UPO specialist for TLSB (an imaginary company). After facing several conundrums and mysterious occurrences, is their time as a PI coming to end?

C0041: Time’s Up explores the intersection of persona/personality. Where does an alter-ego end and the ego begins? Can the same persona be adopted by various personalities? What is the impact of externality - clothing, make-up, shoes, hairstyle - on one’s essence? - Through a series of portraits installed at VSSL Studio,  together with a selection of Mini UPOs -  ‘investigator(s)’ will introduce you to Bosani’s practice.

Taking inspiration from punk albums such as Time’s Up, Buzzocks (1978), Destroy the System, Varukers (1979) and Damaged, Black Flag (1981) - Luca’s installation and accompanying performance activation reflect on punk rebellion. Does growing up mean abandoning dreams of changing the system? - The apparition of a restless queer figure will interrupt the regular unfolding of the evening, - highlighting the plurality and fluid nature of the artist’s identity - in a desire to explode gender binaries and take distance from past versions of themself - continuing reinvention.

The installed images were captured by photographer Davide D’Ambra, on the occasion of the exhibition - or conundrum; C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow, at Osservatorio Futura, as part of Artissima (2022). This work has been made possible with financial support from Arts Council England.

Luca Bosani photographed by Davide D’Ambra.
Luca Bosani photographed by Davide D’Ambra.  

Luca Bosani (he/they  b.1990, Rho, IT) is a gender non-conforming neurodivergent multimedia artist. In the last two years, he developed his identity and personality as TLSB private investigator & UPO specialist.

Taking the cinematographic stereotype of the private investigator (e.g. Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe), Luca dismantles this hyper-masculine identity to introduce a queer private investigator in drag.

As a private investigator in drag, Luca works for a fictional company (TLSB), compiles regular Reports for them, wears uniforms daily (currently a red outfit), works with talented colleagues (detectives, artists, musicians) and is constantly busy trying to solve intricate conundrums.

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