Saturday 26th June 2021

Anew durational installation.

Duration: 3hrs

Kimvi (b.1982) is a Welsh born, Vietnamese visual and performance artist who is influenced by materiality and the environment. Her work explores the interdisciplinary qualities of materials; drawing on her background in textile, craft and design, her practice is multi-disciplinary and expansive and has been supported by artists such as Jurgen Fritz (Black Market International), La Juan Gallery, Helen Spackman & Ernst Fischer (LIBENZ) and ]Performance Space[ . Based in Hampshire, England, She graduated with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Winchester School of Art (2011). She is an international artist whose work have been shown at festivals across Europe, to include; Territori (Ibiza, Spain, 2020), Eugénio de Almeida Foundation (Evora, Portugal, 2019), BSide War ‘After Hiroshima’ (Udine, Italy, 2019)  & International Theatre and Art Festival (Valladolid, Spain, 2018).

Kimvi would like to acknowledge that the concept for this performance was developed during EncounterBow - Curated by Moi Tran and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space and East Asian Ticket Club.

Gazing at the sea, under a  grey sky, the artist raises a white flag in her right hand. In her left is another white flag pointed to the floor.
Image: Sign for Peace, 3rd edtion, Kimvi, 2017.
3 hours durational performance Hastings. East Sussex,
England. Still from video. Image by Greig Burgoyne.

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