Es Morgan 

Studio artist, 2021/22

Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see!, Es Morgan. Photo by Rhiannon Stone.

Es Morgan (they/she) is an artist, performer, and producer from East Yorkshire whose practices draw from diverse interests in dance, live art and writing. They create performances as containers for language and movement, which co-exist on their own terms, without hierarchy or resolution. 

Made for theatres, clubs, galleries, and film, these works emerge in response to an array of interests: transgender theory, post-work futures, poetry, tarot and far-left politics; funnelled through their shifting experiences of intimacy, desire and longing.

to feel something tipping, under and towards you is their recent film work made in collaboration with filmmaker Eleanor Sikorski, co-commissioned by Wellcome Collection & The Place, and exhibited for two weeks online in July 2021. The continuously looping film charts a cyclical experience of emergence and disappearance, of breathing, of being with others and being alone. It weaves together fleshy, textured poetry and movement, exploring visibility, dormancy, and trans embodiment.

Mum, I’m in the fourth dimension, see! is their full-length theatre work made in collaboration with dramaturg, Charlie Ashwell. Through relentless, associative poetry and dancing the work channels the ambient anxieties and tensions of living in contemporary UK. This has been performed at The Place, Yorkshire Dance, The Yard Theatre, and The Marlborough Theatre, and previous works have been performed at a range of venues including Assembly Point Gallery; Vivid Projects, Birmingham; Trans Pride Brighton; The Wardrobe, Bristol; La Fete du Slip, Switzerland; and tanzhaus nrw, Germany.

Collaboration is at the heart of Es’ practice, and they have co-led participatory, curatorial and discursive projects in collaboration with artists such as Charlie Ashwell, Eleanor Sikorski, Joseph Morgan Schofield and Sara Sassanelli, responding to overlapping themes within their work: androgyny, queer nightlife, tarot, magic, monstrousness and post-work futures. In 2019 Charlie Ashwell and Es released hereafter, a publication collecting texts by six artists, creating space for radical speculation and reimagining of the future. Es also co-curates club/performance project, move close, which brings together dancing, experimental electronic music, and unannounced queer performances from artists working across dance and performance art.

Es is a studio artist at VSSL studio, and they work part-time for Chisenhale Dance Space as producer with their artist community. Across all their roles they seek to advocate for the transformative potential of artist-led models, as well as greater accountability, transparency, and justice for marginalised artists.

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to feel something tipping, under and towards you,  Es Morgan and Eleanor Sikorski, 2021. Stills  from video.

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