Fest En Fest

DEAD Unplugged

by Beauty and the Beast

An extract of DEAD by Beauty and the Beast performed by Amanda Petrea (SE) and Halla Olafsdottir (IS/SE) with food and drink.

Beauty and the Beast is a fake band, a dance performance, a party, a workshop and a life long collaboration between the choreographers Amanda Apetrea, Halla Ólafsdóttir and some of their friends. Their latest dance performance is called DEAD.

DEAD unplugged is a poetry reading, where the duo reads their favourite parts from their dance performance DEAD. Exploring expressions of sexuality, body and gender, flirting with the power of horniness and lust. A power that they believe can move mountains. The reading will happen in a cosy casual setting so come as you are.

Halla Ólafsdóttir (IS) and Amanda Apetrea (SE)

For more than two decades the duo Beauty and the Beast, Amanda Apetrea and Halla Ólafsdóttir have remained a mythical force in dance and have created new lyrical expressions with their gravelly voices and poetic dances – musing over love, heartbreaks, friendship and togetherness, war, death and sex

Their new show, DEAD, is a pornographic and dystopian dance performance that merges dance, poetry, music, the beauty of darkness and the in between, seeing inner and outer realities. Exploring expressions of sexuality, body and gender flirting with the power of horniness and lust. A power that they believe can move mountains.

The show will be performed under consent in agreement with its audience, which means that anyone who enters agrees to whatever will happen during the show. It also means that anyone can leave at any time. As always it is about you and them and all the love in between.

Time & Date 

Saturday 26 November,  7pm - 12am

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Tickets are £3-£5, buy them here.

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Fest en Fest is an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE. This project makes space for artists and audiences to come together and present performances and ideas, twisting and turning the definition of what choreography can be.


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